Oil Description
Alarinum From gentle Larino Leccino cultivars, you get this oil from the intense aroma and delicate flavor that goes well with any dish of the Mediterranean diet.
Biologico Product symbol of respect for Nature. Its value derives from the choice of some members to conduct their company according to the method of organic agriculture.
It's marked by a yellow color with greenish reflections, fresh scent of ripe olives and balanced taste carefully measured with a bitter and spicy.
Among the recent accolades include a gold medal in the lightweight category yielded the Competition Festambiente between organic oils and first place among the oils from Molise to BIOL Andria, both in 2008.
Hot pepper, lemon, white truffle, rosemary and basil.
fragrances and flavors are the hallmark of the goodness of seasonings, make a careful selection of fresh olives processed simultaneously.

Olio del frantoiano Harmonious on the palate, with delicate tones of olive harvest at the right point of ripeness.
Suitable for preparing raw and cooked.
Made from a blend of olives produced in the Lower Molise.
Le colline del Molise Obtained from local cultivar "gentle Larino" which gives a mildly fruity olive oil and color Intense gold with warm reflections of the green.
Snug and fruity aroma, harmonious and powerful taste.
Among its accolades The Mention in the competition intense fruity nationalist "The jug of Gold" Gradara in 2007.
DOP Molise Art Masters millers is contained in these bottles whose valuable content is the result of a painstaking work that provides the consumer with genuineness, freshness and pleasantness.
And 'an oil harmonious taste, bitter and spicy which are contained and measured.
the Gentile Extra Virgin Larino.
Cluentio is testimony to the precious oil that comes from the kind of Larino in purity. It takes its name from a brave leader, Cluentio, whose homeland is the ancient Ladinod, Roman town and later in Capital Frentania.
The added value is given by a careful selection of olives and a rigorous procedure the extraction of precious oil.

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