On a small hill hinterland in Molise,
immersed in rich and prestigious olive groves,
Larino born three thousand years ago, the ancient capital of Frentani.
And 'there, among the olive trees that dominate the docile hills and valleys bystanders,
Some teachers have created the Cooperative Olearia Larinese.
Founded in 1969, the Olearia Larinese is one of the most important of Cooperatives low Molise.
The commitment is always made to place the center of our attention to the enhancement of extra virgin,
son of a high land with olive groves.

Discover the cooperative!

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Cooperativa Olearia Larinese srl
Contrada Acquara, n.° 80
86035 Larino (CB) - Italia
Tel e fax 0874/822697
Partita Iva 00159600709