The Cooperative

Was founded in 1969 by the skill of producers, associated Cooperative, shall endeavor to enhancement and preservation of cultivar "gentle Larino" gentle to Frentani of Larino which was the capital, and then loved by the Romans for its features and quality.
The olive tree dominates the soft rolling hills that overlook the sea, among numerous valleys and small slopes.
The intersection of Gentile, the bramble, the acacia trees, fields of grain, make this landscape a charming oasis of peace, tranquility and relaxation, the sea breeze in summer and in winter the cold winds of the Apennines, overlooking the calm.
Larino is distinguished by its ancient territory, rich with settlements dating back over five centuries before the birth of Rome, characterized by several witnesses, and to same time, regarded as a Medieval Village real treasure trove of art treasures.
The old olive groves, ancient guardians of the story of a rich and fertile land, give an oil value.
The Cooperative, because of the strong link with the territory, has paid great attention monovarietal productions in particular to "gentle Larino", the "Leccino", the "Rosciola of Rotello" and others, by adopting the system of the traceability chain ISO 22005/2008, from which comes "Cluentio the Gentile Extra Virgin Larino "in memory of the brave and noble character larinate lived in the first century BC and decanted into the most famous forensic oration "Pro Cluentio" of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Among the other oil producing cooperative Olearia there are the "DOP Molise", the "Hills Molise's" Alarinum ", the" Organic "and finally, the Condimento.


Cooperativa Olearia Larinese srl
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86035 Larino (CB) - Italia
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